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Learn Bemba for free. This is the place!

                                 Wamkelekile kwa openlanguages.net (Xhosa)
                                             Ku soo dhowow openlanguages.net (Somali)
                                                         Welkom by openlanguages.net (Afrikaans)

This is a new site (launched in June 2009). The development projection is as  follows:
(a) Vocabulary -- Summer 2009
(b) Pronunciation -- Summer/Fall 2009
(c) Culture -- Fall 2009/Winter 2010
(d) Contextuary -- Spring/Summer 2010
(e) Grammar -- Summer 2010

This site will facilitate access to the hearts of millions of speakers in Africa.

Bemba Discussion Group

There is a discussion group to support this site, "learn-Bemba" on Yahoo Groups. You can join if you are interested to talk to others learning the language.


This open e-textbook is not a chapter-based, so it does not direct you along a tightly prescribed path. This learning environment is designed as follows:

General has many interesting links about the language and suggests ways to learn and participate.

Pronunciation will have a Specific Focus section with particular aspects of pronunciation addressed. It also will have a Holistic Focus section with Songs, Stories, etc.

Vocabulary offers many vocabulary topics, and eventually will offer many original ways to understand and memorize the vocabulary.

Grammar (not open yet). The prescribed path of the grammar largely happens because of the natural interdependency between the grammatical concepts.

Culture is relatively independent with many diverse topics related to the language and African culture.

Contextuary offers diverse experiences and broad reference resources. It also addresses many holistic opportunities of learning and will constantly expand.