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Analog Time - Tyd

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Hoe laat is dit? What is the time?
Dit is ... It is ...
een-uur one o' clock
drie-uur three o' clock
kwart-oor-twee quarter past two
half-drie half past two
kwart-voor-vier quarter to four
tien-voor-ses ten to six
vyf-en-twintig-oor-sewe twenty five past seven
vyf-voor-nege five to nine
vyf-en-twintig-voor-elf twenty five to eleven
twintig-voor-een twenty to one

Tyd-analogiese horlosie (Hoe laat is dit?) / Time (What is the time?)

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Digital Time

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drie vyf-en-twintig three twenty five
vier nege-en-twintig four twenty nine
ses een-en-dertig six thirty one
sewe vyf-en-veertig seven forty five
agt drie-en-vyftig eight fifty three
nege een-en-vyftig nine fifty one
vyf agt-en-twintig five twenty eight

Tyd-digitaal (Hoe laat is dit?) / Time (What is the time?)

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