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Algemene Gereedskap - General Tools

Flash is required!
sleutel wrench
handsaag (saag) handsaw (to saw)
kalfaterings appliseeder (kalfateer, plak) caulking gun (to caulk, to glue)
kettingsaag chainsaw
klamp (klamp) clamp (to clamp)
boortjie (boor) drill (to drill)
koefoet (oopbeur) crowbar (to pry)
kleefband duct tape
skuurmasjien (afskuur) sander (to sand)
flitslig flashlight
hammer (slaan) hammer (to hit)
waterpas level
maatband (meet) measuring tape (to measure)
boudjies (maak vas / maak los) nuts (to tighten / to loosen)
moertjie bolts
skraaper scraper
dompelaar plunger
skroewedraaier (draai: vasdraai / losdraai) screwdriver (to turn)
kramdrukker staple gun
bankskroef (knyp) vise (to grip)