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Homonieme -- dieselfde spelling, verskillende betekenisse

leer leather
leer ladder
bank bank (money)
bank bench
bank sand bank
as (as jy gaan...) if (if you go..)
as axle (wheels)
as ashes
pos position or job
pos post, mail
brak salty water
brak dog (negative)
voor in front of
voor furrow
vas tight
vas fasting (no food and water)
steel steal
steel handle of a tool (of an axe or shovel)
rys rice
rys rise
by bee
by close to
geld money
geld valid, applicable
kan can (container)
kan can (able to)
ken chin
ken to be acquainted with
lewer liver (organ in the body)
lewer deliver
noot musical note
noot paper bill (money)