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Die Liggaam, Ekstern - The Body, External

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kop, hoof head
hare (deurmekaar/gekam) hair (messed up/combed)
gesig (was) face (to wash)
oor (balans) ear (balance)
oog, oë (sien, kyk) eye, eyes (to see/to look)
neus (ruik) nose (to smell)
mond (eet/fluister) mouth (to eat/to whisper)
lippe (soen) lips (to kiss)
keel (sluk, seer) throat (to swallow/sore)
vel skin
nek(draai) necks (to turn)
wange cheeks
ken chin
kakebeen jaw
gewrigte wrists
gewrigte joints
pols pulse
wysvinger index finger
pinkie pinkie
boude buttocks
kuit calf
maermerrie shin
enkel ankle
stem voice
skouer shoulder
bo-arm upper arm
elmboog, elmboë elbow, elbows
voorarm forearm
hande hands
vingers fingers
duime thumb
bors chest
rug (ruggraat) back (spine)
bene legs
knieë knees
voet, voete foot, feet
hak heel
sool sole
tone toes