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Sport - Sports

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Op die veld On the field
rugby rugby
sokker soccer
krieket cricket
bofbal softball
Op die baan On the court
tennis tennis (court)
gholf golf (course)
rolbal bowls
kegelbal bowling (alley)
korfbal, basketbal basketball (court)
vlugbal volleyball (court)
atletiek athletics (track)
boogskut archery
In die kryt In the ring
boks boxing (ring)
stoei wrestling (ring)
Ander Other
gimnastiek gymnastics
swem swim (pool)
waterpolo water polo (pool)
Sportwoorde Sports Words
speel play
verstuit en breek sprain and break
skop en slaan kick and hit
vang en gooi catch and throw
gereed ready
oefening practice/exercise
deelneem participate
telling score
wedstryd game/match
fiks fit
skeidsregter referee