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Tandarts - Dentist

Flash is required!
tand / tande tooth / teeth
borsel to brush
vlos to floss
draadjies braces
tandarts dentist
mondhigiënis dental hygienist
tandpyn tooth ache
gaatjie cavity
boor 'n gat drill a hole
vulsel (silwer/goud) filling (silver/gold)
trek 'n tand pull a tooth
verloor 'n tand lose a tooth
kroon crown
brug bridge
valstande dentures / false teeth

Die Tandarts Storie

Flash is required!
Ek is so bang. I am so scared.
My tandeborsel is weg. My toothbrush is gone.
Ek borsel nie meer my tande nie. I do not brush my teeth anymore.
Daar is plaak op my tande en ek het tandpyn. There is plaque on my teeth and I have a toothache.
Die tandarts sê ek is welkom in haar spreekkamer want ek gaan haar ryk maak. The dentist says I am welcome in her consulting office because I am going to make her rich.
Die tandarts sê sy gaan twee van my tande trek. The dentist says that she is going to pull two of my teeth.
Ja, my hart is seer oor die twee tande wat ek gaan verloor. Yes, my heart aches about the two teeth that I am going to lose.
Daar is 'n gaatjie in my een tand en sy boor 'n gat en gaan 'n silwer stopsel insit. There is a cavity (hole) in my one tooth and she drills a hole and she will put in a silver filling.
As ek ekstra betaal sal die tandarts 'n wit of goue stopsel insit. If I pay extra, the dentist will put in a white or golden filling.
My een tand is so swak, die tandarts moet 'n kroon insit. My one tooth is so weak; the dentist has to put in a crown.
Ek gaan ook 'n brug kry waar die een tand uitgetrek is. I am also going to get a bridge where the one tooth was pulled.
Waar is my tandeborsel en my flos? Where is my toothbrush?
Ek hoop net ek hoef nie valstande te kry nie. I just hope I do not have to get false teeth.