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Kwale en Simptome - Ailments and Symptoms

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sweet to sweat
opgooi to vomit
hoes to cough
kreun to groan
jeuk to itch
het hoofpyn to have a headache
het koors to have a fever
bewe to have chills
het maagpyn to have a stomach ache
het rugpyn to have a back ache
het swak aptyt to have a weak appetite
het 'n toe neus to have a blocked nose
het diaree to have diarrhea
het 'n infeksie to have an infection
het harsingskudding to have a concussion
het 'n uitslag to have a rash
het 'n sny to have a cut
het 'n besering to have an injury
het 'n gebreekte been to have a fracture
het 'n kneuswond to have a bruise
het 'n wond to have a wound
is slaperig to be sleepy
is geswel to be swollen
voel lighoofdig to feel dizzy
voel sleg to feel bad
voel naar to feel nauseous / nausea
voel seer to be sore
gif poison
swelling swelling
siekte illness