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Die Huis, Meubels - The House, Furniture

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die rusbank the couch
die leunstoel the arm chair
die koffietafel the coffee table
die boekrak the book shelf
die tafel (dek) the table (to set)
die buffet (afstof) the buffet (to dust)
stoele chairs
die waskamer laundry room
die kraan (draai oop / toe) the tap, faucet (to close/turn off)
koue/ warm water cold/warm water
die slaapkamer the bedroom
die bed (maak die bed op) the bed (to make the bed)
die matras the mattress
die laken (oorgooi) the sheet (to throw over)
kombers (insteek) the blanket (to tuck in)
kussing the pillow
deken the cover
laaikas (oopmaak) the chest of drawers/dresser (to open)
die kas the closet
lessenaar (studeer) study desk (to study)
die badkamer the bathroom
die bad (loop die water in) the bath (to run the water)
die stort the shower
kyk in die spieël look in the mirror
die toilet (spoel) the toilet (to flush)