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Tale - Languages

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Wêreld Tale World Languages
Afrikaans Afrikaans
Arabies Arabic
Armeens Armenian
Bengaals Bengali
Sjinees Chinese
Nederlands Dutch
Engels English
Fins Finnish
Frans French
Duits German
Grieks Greek
Hausa Hausa
Hindi / Oerdoe Hindi / Urdu
Italiaans Italian
Javanees Javanese
Koreaans Korean
Mandarynse Sjinees Mandarin Chinese
Noorweegs Norwegian
Persies / Farsi Persian
Pools Polish
Portugees Portuguese
Russies Russian
Serbies Serbian
Sotho Sotho
Spaans Spanish
Swahili Swahili
Sweeds Swedish
Telugu Telugu
Turks Turkish
Wolof Wolof
Xhosa Xhosa
Joroeba Yoruba
Zoeloe Zulu