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Intensiewe Vorme - Intensive Forms

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bang - doodbang scared > scared stiff
moeg - doodmoeg tired > dead beat
seker - doodseker certain > dead certain
siek - doodsiek sick > sick as a dog
stil - doodstil quiet > quiet as the grave
vet - spekvet fat > fat as a pig
verlief - smoorverlief in love > head over heels
dronk - smoordronk drunk > stone drunk
skerp - vlymskerp sharp > razor sharp
nuut - splinternuut new > brand new
nat - papnat wet > soaking wet
lelik - skreeulelik ugly > ugly as sin
droog - kurkdroog dry > bone dry
donker - pikdonker dark > pitch dark
wit - spierwit white > snow white
dood - morsdood dead > stone dead