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Bel - Phone

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Met wie praat ek asseblief? With whom am I speaking, please?
Dit is Sarie hierso. This is Sarie speaking.
Ja, dit is sy (wat praat). Yes, it is she.
Ek sal later terugbel. I'll call back later.
Jammer, ek het die verkeerde nommer. Sorry, I have the wrong number.
Laat asseblief 'n boodskap na die geluid. Please leave a message after the sound.
Kan ek 'n boodskap neem? Can I take a message?
Kan ek met Sarie praat, asseblief? Can I speak to Sarie, please?
Net 'n oomblik asseblief. Just a moment, please.
Kan ek jou na 1(een) bel? Can I call you after 1 PM?
Dankie vir die oproep. Thank you for calling.
Die lyn is beset. The line is busy.
Daar is geen antwoord nie. There is no reply.
Die konneksie is swak. Jy breek op. This is a bad connection. You are breaking up.
selfoon cellphone
landlyn landline
Ek moet nou aflui. I have to hang up now.
Ek moet gou 'n oproep maak. I have to make a quick call.