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Kommunikasie Werkwoorde - Communication Verbs

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verwelkom to welcome
uitnooi to invite
beloof to promise
neem 'n eed to take an oath
verdedig / aanval to defend / to attack
verduidelik to explain
oortuig to persuade
getuig to testify
stem saam to agree
gee jou opinie to give your opinion
prys to praise
aanvaar / verwerp to accept / to reject
bevraagteken to question (e.g. someone's judgment)
stry to argue
vra / antwoord to ask / to answer
ondervra to interrogate
roep to call
bepleit ('n saak) to plead (for a cause)
beveel, gebied to command
smeek to beg, to plead
versoek to request
uitdaag to challenge
verneder to humiliate