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Jy's 'n Lady

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Jy's klein, en fyn
en jou wegstap is 'n simfonie,
en jy praat met jou enkels, nek en hande.

En as hartseer in jou oë rus,
en jou lyfie kom troos haal by my,
is jy 'n bokkie, klein wildsbokkie wat seerkry

En sê jy jou ghantam het jou gekierang in jou drome
'n Oulap se drome kom van vêr.
Dan dink ek hoe graag ek jou my alles wil gee.
(want) jy's 'n lady,
jy's ‘n lady (3x)

Van Gogh's in jou hare, Michaelangelo in jou wange,
en Breyten en Opperman op jou lippe.
en dan as ek, weer van voor af, als kon oor hê, in my lewe,
sal ek weer van voor af wil oud word met jou.

<small>*1 = "bokkie" is a term of endearment for a woman, meaning little antelope (think of a cute baby reindeer)
*2 = ghantam (not sure of the translation)
*3 = Breyten and Opperman are two well known Afrikaans poets</small>

You're small and dainty
and your walk-away is a symphony,
and you talk with your ankles, neck and hands.

And when heart sore rest in your eyes,
and your body seeks for consolation from me,
you are a bokkie*1, small bokkie* in nature that's hurting

and you say your ghantam*2 mocked you in your dreams
An old rag's dreams come from afar.
Then I think of how dearly I would like your give you my all.
(‘cause) you're a lady,
you're a lady (3x)

Van Gogh is in your hair, Michaelangelo in your cheeks,
and Breyten*3 and Opperman op your lips.
and then, if I could redo everying over in my life,
I would once again want to age with you.