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Standard Infinitives

Neutral tenseless form of the verb. E.g.

I am here to sing. > Ek is hier om te sing.

I was here to sing.  > Ek was hier om te sing.

I will be here to sing.Ek sal hier wees om te sing
I am prepared to help.Ek is bereid om te help.
I am prepared to help you.Ek is bereid om jou te help.
I am prepared to help you with the homework.Ek is bereid om jou met die huiswerk te help.
I am prepared to help you with the Afrikaans homework.Ek is bereid om jou met die Afrikaans huiswerk te help.

Fill in:

1    Ek is altyd hier______________________________.   (to work with the children)

2    Ek is hier ___________________________________.  (to see the student with the book)

3    Sal jy my asseblief help_______________________?   (to buy the car.)

4    Kan hy ons help______________________________? (to look for [soek] the class)

5    Is jy hier_____________________________________?   (to see the professor)