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Progress Chart


•  https://www.youtube.com/user/SABC2youbelong (7eLaan and Voetspore)
      e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqeS5qsbFf4
•  https://www.youtube.com/user/kyknettv
•  https://www.youtube.com/user/HuisgenootTV

•  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NfONShE-3I VILLA ROSA
•  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvlRINB34Dc Voetspore 5 (Episode 24 Erta Ale)

•  Die Aambeeld • Goeie Grond • Audrey Painter se Stories • Aandstories vir Seuns
  • www.teacheraudrey.com/southAfrica.html

Grammar Be able to explain and give examples of each of the following:

[A] Pronouns -- Subj, Obj, Possessive
[B] Verbs -- [Hê, WEES, Regular, Prefixed, Compound Inseparable, Compound Separable, Reflexive]
     (For each Verb group - Tenses, Questions, Negation, Modals, Perfect Conditional, and Passive)
[C] Third Position -- Object Pronouns, Time Words, Negation
[D] Preposition + Verb
[E] Conjunctions: Verb 2nd
[I] Conjunctions: Verb 1st
[J] Conjunctions: Verb Last
[F] Special Infinitives
[G] Standard Infinitives
[H] Gerunds (Present / Past)
[K] Directionals
[L] Degrees of Comparison
[M] Adjective Shift
[N] Prepositional Combinations


• Beginner Topics (e.g. Greet, Talk about your day, Describe places, Describe processes, Make requests, Talk about a past event, talk about future plans)

Beginner Topics  [PRESENT]

• Hoe gaan dit?
• Waar kom jy vandaan?
• Beskryf vir my hoe lyk ... (jou kamer, jou dorp, jou huis)
• Wat is nuus daar waar jy is?
• Beskryf vir my die pad van jou huis tot by jou werk.
• Wat doen jy op naweke?
• Vertel my van jou familie?

Beginner Topics  [PAST]

• Waar het jy Afrikaans geleer?
• Wat het jy gister gedoen?

Beginner Topics  [FUTURE]

• Wat gaan jy vandag doen? 
• Wat gaan jy vanaand doen?
• Wat gaan jy oor die naweek doen?
• Wat is jou toekomsplanne?
• Make requests

WEEKLY PROGRESS: 1st Lesson is the basic development, and 2nd lesson is the completion and refinement.
WEEK 1 Jan 25

• Reading: Anvil 1-4
• Vocab: People > Health and Beauty (Alles!)
• Luister: Luister na Episode 67 van 7e Laan

WEEK 2 Feb 1

• Grammatika A & B1
• Reading: Anvil 5-7
• Vocab: People > At Home (Alles!)
• Luister: Luister na Episode 66 van 7e Laan
WEEK 3 Feb 8

Les 1
• Grammatika B2-3 & C
• Reading: Anvil 8-10; 11-13
• Vocab: People > Urban Life (Alles!)
• Speaking: Speak about last weeks movie. Vertel my van jou week.
• Luister:  Luister na Episode 71van 7e Laan 

Les 2
Woensdag: Grammar Fluency, Vocab Sentences, Fluent reading Tell about Soap Opera.
WEEK 4 Feb 15

• Grammatika B4 & D
• Reading & Speaking: Die Drie Beertjies
• Vocab: People > Culture (Alles!)
• Speaking: Speak about last weeks movie
• Luister:  Luister na Episode 72 van 7e Laan 
WEEK 5 Feb 22

• Grammatika B5 & E
• Reading & Speaking: Rooikappie
• Vocab: People > Mind (Alles!)
• Speaking: Speak about last weeks movie
• Luister:  Luister na Episode 73 van 7e Laan 
WEEK 6 Feb 29
• Luister: Luister na  Episode 74 van 7e Laan 
• Speaking: Present
WEEK 7 Mar 7
• Luister: Luister na  Episode 75 van 7e Laan 
• Speaking: Present
WEEK 8 Mar 28
• Luister: Luister na  Episode 76van 7e Laan 
• Speaking: Past
WEEK 9 April 4
• Luister: Luister na  Episode 77 van 7e Laan 
• Speaking: Past
WEEK 10 April 11
• Luister: Luister na  Episode 78 van 7e Laan 
• Speaking: Future
WEEK 11 April 18
• Luister: Luister na  Episode 79 van 7e Laan 
• Speaking: Future
WEEK 12 April 25
• Luister: Luister na  Episode 80 van 7e Laan 
• Speaking:
WEEK 13 May 2
• Luister: Luister na  Episode 81 van 7e Laan 
• Speaking:
WEEK 14 May 9
• Luister: Luister na  Episode 82 van 7e Laan 
• Speaking: