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die lied van jou mond
was my klaasvakie
toe ek nie kon slaap nie
en jou oë verskrikvoëls
teen al my nagmerries

wat het jy Hom gevra
wat my vandag nog dra?

ma, ek weet jy maak gereed
vir ‘n sonsverduistering
en ek
vir die val van ‘n herfsblaar

wat moet ek Hom vra
om jou ‘n paar somers te spaar?

ma, mag my gedig
jou hou by my
vir ewig

the song of your mouth
was my sandman
when i could not sleep
and your eyes the scare crow
against all my nightmares

what was it that you asked Him
that still bears me up today?

ma, I know you are preparing
for a solar eclipse
and I
for the fall of an autumn leaf

what should I ask Him
to save you a few more summers?

ma, may my poem
keep you by me
for ever