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Laat My Weet

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As jy van die geraamte
In jou hangkas kan vergeet
As ‘n loutere geesdrif
Om te leef deur jou spoel


Laat my weet
Ek kom jou haal (x2)

As jy ooit weer jou strate
Vir die vlaktes sal verruil
As jy tot die besef kom
Jy't klaar jou drome verloor


As jy onder die melkweg
In my arms wil kom lê
As jou hart elke dag sing
Dat jy my nog liefhet


Laat my weet ... (x5)

If you can forget about the skeleton in your cupboard
If sheer enthusiasm to live flows through you


Let me know
I’ll come and fetch you (x2)

If you ever exchange your streets for the open spaces
If you'll come to the realization that you've already lost your dreams


If you want to lay in my arms underneath the milky way
If you're heart sings every day that you still love me


Let me know ... (x5)

<small>(Thanks to Johannette for the English translation)</small>