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Die Eiland

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Weet jy waar ek bly?
Die suiderkruis se merkers wys na my,
Ken jy die ebgety?
Sal die laer strand jou hierheen lei?

Die horizon lê oop,
Nag sal sterre aan die nag verkoop
En deur die helder nag
Sal my hart getyloos vir jou wag


Die eiland is jou lyf, die son sal ongebroke
Saam met die wolke oor jou horisonne dryf,
Die see wat aanhou sus, die ritme van die golwe
Asem wat in jou longe rus.

Maar daar’s newels voor die son
My woorde bly uiteindelik stom
Met net die grense van my stem
Kan ek snags die wye see verken


Die horizon lê oop
Nag sal sterre aan die lug verkoop
Dalk sal die ebgety
Jou nog strandlangs hierheen lei.


Do you know where I live?
The Southern Cross markers point towards me
Do you know the low(ebb) tide?
Will the lower shore direct you here?

The horizon lies clear
Night shall sell stars to the night
And through the bright night
My heart shall wait for you without tides


The island is your body, the sun shall everlasting
Together with the clouds float across your horizons
The sea that continue to hush, the rhythm of the waves
Breath that rest within your lungs.

But there’s mist in front of the sun
My words finally remain dumb
With only the borders of my voice
Can I at night explore the wide sea


The horizon lies clear
Night shall sell stars to the skies
Maybe the low tide
Will still guide you here along the beach.


<small>(Many thanks to Johannette for the English translation)</small>