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Niemand sal Je Zeggen Wie Je Bent

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“schrijf je wat je ziet
en niemand sal het lezen en je zeggen wie je bent”

– Miriam Van Hee

om te dink
jy’t tot onlangs
(lank gelede?)
my nog herken

snaaks hoe mens
vertroosting verlang
noudat tyd soos kole
die werklikheid terugbrand

daar staan jy toe
soos tevore
met ‘n hand vol boeke

hekke van herkenning
val voor jou voete
en ons begin die honger stil
met digterlike herkoutjies

vol van beelding
en van metafoor
groet ons later

al wat bly
tussen jou en my
is vingermerke
op eybers se winter-surplus

©2009 Selwyn Milborrow

"write what you see
and no one will read it and and tell you who you are”
– Miriam Van Hee

just to think
you, till recently
(long time ago?)
still recognized me

odd how one
longs for consolation
now that the coles
burn back reality

so there you stood
like before
with a hand full of books

gates of recognition
fall before your feet
and we begin to still the hunger pains
with poetic "herkoutjies"

full of imagery
and metaphors
we greet later

the only thing that remains
between you and me
are finger prints
on the winter-surplus of eybers*

*refers to the work of the reknown Afrikaans poet Elizabeth Eybers