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Noem My

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noem my die swartgevaar
noem my die kommunis
noem my die terroris
noem my wat jy wil witman
onthou net ek is die gees
wat spook in die siele van
en jou wit vel verrooi
soos 'n kalkoen.
raak my aan
of rand my aan
maar verander sal jy witman
miskien net langer en rooier
as 'n kalkoen.

name me the swaartgevaar*
name me the communist
name me the terrorist
name me what you will white man
just remember I am the spirit
that haunts the souls of
and brands reddens your white skin
like a turkey.
touch me
or attack me
but change you will white man
perhaps just longer and redder
than a turkey.

* swart gevaar: the ‘black peril'


(Translation kindly provided by Leigh Thorsen)